Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Using Ui Path  16 hours

Currently, there is shutdown for three weeks. And what better way to make use of this time available than to learn new skills?

This course includes:
✅ 16 hours of course content
✅ Real work examples
✅ Digital certificate
✅ LIVE session with experienced Instructor
✅ No Pre-recorded videos
✅ Access to entire session recording for future reference

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Course Duration: 16 Hours

📅 Starting from 22nd Oct 2020, Thursday
After 22nd & 23rd Oct 2020,
Every Monday – Friday.
🕒 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm IST
📍   Live on Zoom (NO PRE-RECORDED)

MRP: Rs. 4,999 + GST
Offer Price: Rs. 2,999 + GST
(Early bird pricing)

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Who Should Learn

One should have basic knowledge of SQL queries, loops, if-else conditions, logical knowledge, a little bit of excel and access.

Who can take this course:

  • Anyone with a technical background.
  • RPA developers, app developers.
  • IT professionals.
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Course Content

  1. RPA
    1. Overview of RPA
    2. Difference between RPA tools
    3. Scope of RPA tools
  2. UiPath
    1. UiPath Installation
    2. UiPath tool walkthrough
  3. Basic Concepts
    1. Introduction to UiPath
    2. Activities, variables and data types
  4. Workflow
    1. Invoke workflow
    2. Arguments and types
    3. Date concepts
  5. Branch and Loops
    1. If else, switch, break
    2. While and do while
    3. Switch and Flow switch
  6. Excel
    1. Read & Write Excel
    2. Data Manipulation
    3. Data tables
    4. Queries in data tables
  7. File automation
    1. Pdf automation & data extraction
    2. Word document automation
    3. Text file automation
  8. File operations
    1. Create, move & delete the folder
    2. Create, copy, move, delete files
    3. File iteration
  9. Basic Recording
    1. Basic recording
    2. Desktop recording
    3. Differences between basic and desktop
  10. Advanced Recording
    1. Web recording
    2. Selectors
    3. UiExplorer
  11. Email Automation
    1. Gmail Automation
    2. Outlook Automation
  12. Database Automation
    1. Connection establishment
    2. Execute Query – DML & DCL commands
  13. Exception Handling and Debugging
    1. Try catch
    2. Business & Application Exception
    3. Throw & Re-throw
  14. UiPath Robot & Orchestrator
    1. Connection establishment
    2. Robots, Machines & Environments
    3. Assets & Queues
    4. Process, Jobs & Schedules
    5. Packages & Libraries
  15. RE Framework (Add-on)
    1. Advanced UiPath
    2. RE Framework walkthrough
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  • Minimum with 4 GB Ram configuration in Laptop/ Computer
  • Download & Install of UiPath software (Community edition) will be taught on the first day
  • For any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at +91 76670-97350.



Gopinath started his career as a net developer and up skilled his knowledge in ITPA and RPA and he is working now as Sr. RPA Developer and Consultant in top MNC. He has worked in many domains – Insurance, Banking, health care.

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