Microsoft MVP – A Priceless Recognition

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What is Microsoft MVP?

Microsoft MVPs mean Most Valuable Professionals recognized by Microsoft based on certain criteria. Microsoft has had this MVP award system for over 25 years now. Currently, there are over 4000 MVPs from about 90 countries and the numbers keep growing.

Microsoft MVP

Microsoft designates as “Most Valuable Professionals” or MVPs in short, certain technology experts who “passionately share their knowledge with the community….” There is no standard set of rules for being chosen as an MVP. They can be from any country in the world. However, there are a few common threads that are required to be chosen as an MVP.

They should be “experts” in the real sense. They should be oozing with creativity with an endless urge to work with newer technologies and they should be having deep knowledge in Microsoft products and services. Microsoft says that it is its way of saying thanks to these professionals who should also be outstanding community leaders, i.e., the selection is also dependent on their contribution to society, ranging from speaking engagements to writing books, helping others and the largest key factor is creating an impact in the preceding 12 months.

Microsoft says there are just three simple steps to be eligible for consideration for an MVP award, namely: “…. Be an expert, do lots of what you love, and let us know…”

Criteria for MVP:

If you are a Microsoft expert, to be considered for the Microsoft MVP Award, a nomination referral must be first submitted on your behalf by either a Microsoft Full Time Employee (FTE) or Microsoft MVP. Following this referral submission, a link to complete the award nomination will be sent to you. Once you have completed the nomination form, we will review your nomination within 90 days. As there would be plenty of applications, the selection is not easy.

Validity of the title:

The MVP recognition lasts for a year and is awarded for a person’s Microsoft related activities and contributions over the previous year.

Benefits of MVP:

There are many benefits for the MVPs though there is no remuneration. They include:

  • The perks, recognition, and respect in the community locally and globally is phenomenal and this gives a whole new range of advantages for the savvy ones.  
  • MVPs get an executive recognition letter, an MSDN technical subscription, and an Office 365 subscription
  • They have early access to Microsoft products, direct channels with the product teams, and an invitation to the Global MVP Summit, an exclusive annual event hosted at the Microsoft Global Head Quarters in Redmond.
  • MVPs also have a very close relationship with the local Microsoft teams in their area to address needs and opportunities in the local community.


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