Faraz Shaikh

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Faraz Shaikh from Saudi Arabia is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), MOS Master, Logistics Supervisor, Blogger, and also a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CISCP), Microsoft Excel Expert, Consultant, and Microsoft Innovative Educator.

Faraz Shaikh

About – Faraz Shaikh

Faraz Shaikh has over 10 years of experience and helps users with innovative solutions and also to implement a productive workplace.

He creates modules and delivers Microsoft Office training programs to students and professionals. He is a contributor to Microsoft Tech Community.

Apart from blogging in ExcelExciting.com, he focuses on consulting, group training sessions, and hourly mentoring services. He works in the field of Supply Chain Management. He is the founder of ExcelExciting.com and has a popular YouTube channel.

To Connect:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ExcelExciting

Website: https://excelexciting.com/

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