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Excel VAR.P Function

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The Excel VAR.P Function is used to compute the variance for the population. Variance is a statistical measure that is used to find out the amount that value differs from its average value. In Excel, the VAR.P function is categorized under statistical function. This function ignores logical values and text in the population.

Purpose of Excel VAR.P Function

It is used to calculate the variance of the entire population. For example, the VAR.P function can be useful in calculating variances in revenue.

Return value

This function returns the variance of a population-based on an entire population.


= VAR.P(number1,[number2],…)


number1 The first number corresponding to population.Mandatory
[number2] Number argument 2 to 254 corresponding to population.Optional

Usage notes

  • Number arguments 2 to 254 corresponding to a population.
  • If the data is of a sample then use VAR.S Function.
  • Arguments accept hard-coded value also.
  • If none of the values that have been supplied to the function are numeric,#DIV/0! error-Occurs.
  • If any values that are supplied directly to this function are text values that cannot be interpreted as numbers,#VALUE! error-Occurs.


Since 2010 for Windows. Since 2011 for Mac.

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