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Excel RANK.AVG Function

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The Excel RANK.AVG stands for rank for average.In MS Excel RANK.AVG function is categorized under the head statistical function.the statistical rank tells you the order of the value in the list.

Purpose of Excel RANK.AVG Function

To get the rank of a number in a list of numbers.The difference between these RANK.EQ and RANK.AVG functions occurs when there are duplicates in the list of values. The Rank.EQ function returns the lower rank, whereas the RANK.AVG function returns the  average rank.

Return value

Returns the numbers of a numeric value in the list (the sequence number relative to other values) – that is, it performs the same task. Only when identical values are found, it returns the average.


= RANK.AVG(number,ref,[order])


number The number to rank Mandatory
ref An array of, or a reference to, a list of numbers. Mandatory
[order] Specifying ascending or descending order. Optional

Usage notes

  • If the supplied number is not present within the supplied ref,#N/A error occurs
  • The Rank.AVG function does not recognise text representations of numbers as numeric values, so you will also get the #N/A error if the values in the supplied ref array are text values).
  • Excel ranks number as if ref were a list sorted in descending order,if order is 0 or omitted.
  • Excel ranks number as if ref were a list sorted in ascending order,if order is any non-zero value.


Since 2010 for Windows.
Since 2011 for Mac.

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