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Excel INDEX Function

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The INDEX function returns the value at a given position in a range or array. You can use index to retrieve individual values or entire rows and columns. INDEX is often used with the match function, where match locates and feeds a position to INDEX.

Purpose of Excel INDEX Function

Get a value in a list or table based on location.

Return value

The value at a given location.


=INDEX (array, row_num, [col_num], [area_num])


arrayA range of cells, or an array constant.Mandatory
row_numThe row position in the reference or array.Mandatory
col_numThe column position in the reference or array.Optional
area_numThe range in reference that should be used.Optional

Usage notes

  • If both the row_num and column_num arguments are used, INDEX returns the value in the cell at the intersection of row_num and column_num.
  • Row_num and column_num must point to a cell within array; otherwise, INDEX returns a #REF! error.


Since 2007 for Windows.
Since 2011 for Mac.

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