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Excel DMAX Function

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The DMAX function returns the maximum value in a field, from a set of records that match criteria. Use the DMIN function to get the minimum value.

Purpose of Excel DMAX Function

Get max from matching records.

Return value

The maximum value in a given field.


=DMAX (database, field, criteria)


databaseDatabase range including headersMandatory
fieldField name or index to count Mandatory
criteriaCriteria range including headers Mandatory

Usage notes

  • DMAX supports some wildcards in criteria.
  • Criteria can include more than one row (as explained above).
  • The field argument can be supplied as a name in double quotes (“”) or as a number representing field index.
  • The database and criteria ranges must include matching headers..


Since 2007 for Windows.
Since 2011 for Mac.

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