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Excel COUNT Function

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The COUNT function returns the COUNT of values that number, generally cells that contain numbers. Values can be supplied as constants, cell references, or ranges.

Purpose of Excel COUNT Function

COUNT numbers.

Return value

COUNT of numeric values.


=COUNT (value1, [value2], …)


value 1 The first value or range to consider when counting. Mandatory
[value 2] Additional values or ranges to consider when counting. Optional

Usage notes

  • COUNT can handle up to 255 arguments.
  • COUNT ignores the logical values TRUE and FALSE.
  • COUNT ignores text values and empty cells.

Things to remember

  • “Space” in the cell is also counted as a character by the LEN function.
  • While using the substitute function this should be remembered that this function is case sensitive. This means that “A” is not treated or searched as “a”.


Since 2007 for Windows.
Since 2011 for Mac.


From the following example, we can see how to use COUNT FUNCTION.

COUNT Function

The total count of the given range is calculated by using COUNT function.

The formula applied in D9 is =COUNT(B7:B11).

If you note here, the text ”Apple” is not included for the count, because text values and blank cells are ignored, only numeric value are included.


COUNTA Function includes text values but not empty cells.

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