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Excel ADDRESS Function

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The ADDRESS function is designed to get a cell address in Excel based on the specified row and column numbers. A cell address is returned as a text string, not an actual reference.

Purpose of Excel ADDRESS Function

 ADDRESS function returns the address for a cell based on a given row and column number. 

Return value

Function returns a cell address as text, based on a row and column number. It can return an absolute or relative address, in A1 or R1C1 style. A sheet name can also be included in the result.


=ADDRESS (row_num, col_num, [abs_num], [a1], [sheet])


row_num The row number to use in the cell address.Mandatory
col_num The column number to use in the cell address.Mandatory
abs_numThe address type (i.e. absolute, relative). Defaults to absolute.Optional
a1The reference style, A1 vs R1C1. Defaults to A1 style.Optional
sheetThe name of the worksheet to use. Defaults to current sheet.Optional


Since 2007 for Windows.
Since 2011 for Mac.

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