How do you Sum the Range of Cells

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Do you know you can sum any number of rows and columns all together? In this post, we will how to Sum the Range of Cells.

How to Sum the Range of Cells?

Many-a-times we use formulas to sum a given range of cells. But entering formulas takes up a lot of time. Because we will need to enter the formula for each column we need to total. To make it easy there is a simple method with which you can sum the rows or columns in less than 5 seconds.

Consider the below data set. In column B, we have a list of Items with corresponding sales each year. We look forward to calculating the sum of units sold each year all-together in the Sum Total row.

How do you sum the range of cells?

Using Autosum:

Firstly, you have to select the values in the columns you want to sum. So we will be selecting the from C6 to F11. We want the sum of the respective columns to appear in the 11th row of each column. The below image will help to visualize better.

Sum the Range of Cells

Note: Do not select the header row or column. Select only the values you want to sum.

Now to sum the values, there are two simple ways. The first is to Go to Home tab>>Editing>>Autosum.

How do you sum the range of cells?

Once you click on Autosum, the total values will appear in the 11th row.

Using Shortcut Key: ” Alt + =

Another easy and widely used method is the use of shortcut keys. Just select the data-set and press “Alt + =“. Once you press these keys, the total will appear in 11th Row i.e., the sum total row. The below image shows the Sum of items sold yearly.

Sum the Range of Cells

You can also calculate similarly for rows. Suppose you want to know the total Shoes sold in the past 4 years, select the range C6: F6, also select F7, because the sum will appear in that cell. Use the Shortcut “Alt + =“. The sum of this range will appear in F7.

How to Sum the Range of Cells Ignoring Errors?

In the below image you can see that we have calculated the sum total for column C,D,E and F. In the Column E, i.e. for the year 2018, we are getting an error. What we need to calculate the sum without an error.

Sum the Range of Cells

To calculate the sum avoiding the error just use the IFERROR function as shown below. Select the cell where your error occurs and enter the formula in that cell. Replace the value of error with a blank in double coats.

How do you Sum the Range of Cells 1

Once you enter the formula, the sum total will appear, avoiding the error as shown in image below:

Sum the Range of Cells

Hope you enjoyed learning how do you sum the range of cells. To learn more about the shortcut, Click Here

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