Nesting IF and AND Function

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Are you wondering what does nesting IF and AND function means? It means using both these functions together. Now, you might think where do I use this? Sometimes you may want to give two or more conditions, which when fulfilled then only it is valid otherwise you want Excel to show it as invalid. Explaining just in words might not help you understand this really well, so let us understand in an easy way using an example.

Nesting IF and AND Function

Suppose we have an example consisting of marks of some students scored in their Internals as well as external exams. If you want to show the results as Pass or Fail based on some conditions then you can nest IF and AND functions.

For example, I have a condition that if the student has scored more than 10 marks in Internals and more than 30 marks in Externals, then only the student will be marked as PASS, otherwise, FAIL.

Step 1: Be on the cell where you want the results to be shown.

Step 2: Type the formula based on the conditions.

Look at the picture below to understand it in a better way.

Nesting IF and AND Function

In the above example, you can see first we used the IF Function and then given our two conditions in the AND Function, and then the criteria for Pass and Fail is mentioned.

Step 3: Press Enter Key.

Nesting IF and AND Function 1

Now, just drag the cursor and copy the formula. See the image below to know the results.

Nesting IF and AND Function 2

You can see in the image that the last three students are failed as they don’t respond in affirmative with the conditions mentioned in the formula. So, you can see how easy it was to use IF and And functions together.

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