How to use Dot Function

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Dot function is used to retrieve the required information from a data type in a simplified manner. It basically used to find some data without infusing any complex conditional calculations and it helps the user to find the information spontaneously.


Basically a dot function contains two elements which includes a ” . ” notation.


  • Cell generated with data type: This refers to the country/city/company name. probably you can give a reference.

Field name: This refers to the required data field. for example: Population, area etc.

Example using (.)Dot Function

While extracting the required data using field values, this is an alternative way of retrieving data. A simple self-constructed formula can be inserted in the formula tab to get the required data. This feature can be applied by following the steps as listed below:

To retrieve the data, the formula must be applied on the formula tab. If the user needs the population/area of the countries in the provided list.

  • Step 1: Select the cells in the worksheet for which you want to return the area/population then the user must enter ” . ” along with the data field, a drop-down will be listed from which you can select the list of field you want to return. In this case, it is the population
    Formula used,
Dot function_1

The result will be projected as shown in the image.

Dot function_2

Dot function is available only in Microsoft 365.

Note: In case there exists data in place of spilled range, a #SPILL error will appear. In simple terms, when the resultant area is not empty or consists of any value a #SPILL error is returned. This indicates that the range where the result needs to spill down is not completely blank. 

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