How to use the Get Pivot Data?

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Feel amazed using ‘GET PIVOT DATA’ in Excel.
While summarizing huge data with pivot tables in Excel, ever wondered if a result can be extracted using a formula.
Yes, in this article we’ll be looking at inputs to use the Get Pivot Data’ in Excel.


In Excel, a pivot table could provide a summarized outcome of data by infusing simple steps. But the user can extract a sum of a particular item or category given in the dataset. In this article, the inputs for using get pivot data and illustrations were provided to help the user with a fair knowledge of using this function.

Syntax and arguments

The syntax of the ‘GET PIVOT DATA’ function have been constructed with the arguments as listed below:
=GETPIVOTDATA (data_field, pivot_table, field1, item1).
Data field– The name of the value field.
– a reference to any cell in the power pivot to query.
Field 1, item 1– optional.

Scenario – To use the ‘Get Pivot Data’ function.

I assume that you have your own source data and your pivot table has been generated. So, let’s move into the steps of using the GET PIVOT DATA in the pivot table.

The purpose of using the GET PIVOT DATA here is that I want to retrieve the total sales amount gained on exporting Kashmir apples to Italy.

So, to retrieve a data using GET PIVOT DATA, there are two ways.

  1. type “=” and then type GET PIVOT DATA. Excel prompts you with the purpose of the function and then the syntax. Getting stick to the syntax is tedious here, as it is very long.
How to use the Get Pivot Data? 1

2. So, here is the procedure 2 for the shortcut.

Stick to the below example to understand the shortcut procedure.

STEP 1 – Type “=” in cell C16 and then place your cursor in C7 refer to the cell that indicates the sales amount generated on exporting Kashmir apples to Italy. You can see the entire syntax been generated without manual entry.

To precise, type “=” and then point to the cell from where you need to retrieve the value.

How to use the Get Pivot Data? 2

STEP 2 – Now, press Enter to get the output.

How to use the Get Pivot Data? 3

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