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DAX SUMMARIZECOLUMNS function is categorized under Filter functions. SUMMARIZECOLUMNS, is a replacement of SUMMARIZE and does not require the use of ADDCOLUMNS .



The SUMMARIZECOLUMNS helps to get a table which includes combinations of values from the supplied columns, based on the grouping specified. The table which will be returned will include only rows for which at least one of the supplied expressions return a non-blank value.
A row is not included in the table returned, if all expressions evaluate to BLANK/NULL for a row.

Return value

The DAX SUMMARIZECOLUMNS function returns a summary table over a set of groups.


= SUMMARIZECOLUMNS( <groupBy_columnName> [, < groupBy_columnName >]…, [<filterTable>]…[, <name>, <expression>]…)


groupBy_columnName A fully qualified column reference (Table[Column]) to a base table for which the distinct values are included in the returned table. Each groupBy_columnName column is cross-joined (different tables) or auto-existed (same table) with the subsequent specified columns. Mandantory
filterTable The table expression which is added to the filter context of all columns specified as groupBy_columnName arguments. The values present in the filter table are used to filter before cross-join/auto-exist is performed. Mandatory

A string representing the column name to use for the subsequent expression specified. Mandatory
expression Any DAX expression that returns a single value (not a table). Mandatory

Usage notes

  • SUMMARIZECOLUMNS does not guarantee any order of sorting for the results.
  • In the groupBy_columnName parameter, a column cannot be specified more than one time.

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