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SAMPLE Function

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DAX SAMPLE Function is categorized under Filter functions. This function returns a sample subset from a given table expression.


Purpose of DAX SAMPLE Function

The DAX SAMPLE function helps to get a table consisting of a sample of N rows of table or an empty table if n_value is 0 (zero) or less. 

Return value

The SAMPLE function returns a sample of N rows from the specified table.


= SAMPLE (<n_value> , <table> , <orderBy_expression> , [<order>] , [< orderBy_expression >, <order.]] .. )




The number of rows to return as a sample.
It is any DAX expression that returns a single scalar value, where the expression is to be evaluated multiple times (for each row/context).
If a non-integer value (or expression) is entered, the result is cast as an integer.

Any DAX expression that returns a table of data from where to extract the n_value number of rows. Mandantory

Any scalar DAX expression where the result value is evaluated for each row of table. Optional

A value that specifies how to sort orderBy_expression values.
0/FALSE: Sorts in descending order of values of orderBy_expression.
1/TRUE: Sorts in ascending order of values of orderBy_expression.
If omitted, default is 0.

Usage notes

  • SAMPLE returns an empty table, If n_value is 0 (zero) or less.
  • The table provided as the second argument should be grouped by the column used for sorting to avoid duplicate value in the sample.
  • If no ordering is specified, the sample will be random, not stable, and not deterministic.

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