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DAX PATHITEM Function is categorized under the Parent/Child function. This function used to find the specified position from a string resulting from the evaluation of a PATH function.


Purpose of DAX PATHITEM Function

This function used to find the specified position of a string and position are from left to right.

Return value

This function returns the Nth item in the delimited list produced by the Path function.


= PATHITEM(<path>, <position>[, <type>])


path A text string in the form of the results of a PATH function. mandatory
position An integer expression with the position of the item to be returned. mandatory
type An enumeration that defines the data type of the result optional

Usage notes

  • This function is used to return a specific level from a hierarchy returned from the DAX PATH function. 
  • If the data type is not a valid enumeration element an error is returned.
  • If a specified position number is less than one (1) or greater than the number of elements in a path, the PATHITEM function returns the results as BLANK.

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