Copy the text or value in a workbook 1

The Copy shortcut key in Excel CTRl+C helps to copy the selected cells, text, values, formulas, pictures, etc. This can be followed by another step using a different shortcut key to paste the copied details elsewhere in the worksheet or in a new workbook.

Copy the text or value in a workbook 2
Select rows 3

The SHIFT + SPACE key helps to select the entire row in a worksheet.
You can use this function from whichever cell in the row and it will select the entire row.

Select rows 4
Insert new worksheet 5

The SHIFT + F11 key helps to insert a new worksheet in the Excel file.
This function adds sheet to the right side of the existing sheet.
This can also be done by clicking the PLUS symbol besides the sheet names at the bottom”

Insert new worksheet 6
Format cell 19

The CTRL+1 key helps to bring up the Format Cell dialog box.
Number, font, alignment, border, fill, protection are among the things available in this dialog box that can be can be changed as required

Format cell 20

Move to the previous pane 24

The F6 or Shift + F6 shortcut key helps switch between the panes if we have a split window in an excel worksheet.
If there are no split windows, F6 or Shift + F6 helps to switch the display between the application window and the Help task pane.

Move to the previous pane 25