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The community of Excel users across the world has suffered a huge loss with the passing away of Chris Smitty Smith.

About Chris Smitty Smith

Chris Smith called popularly as Chris “Smitty” Smith or simply Smitty, was very popular and much loved in the Excel professional circles and tributes are pouring in from various quarters.
He was one of the few with the distinction of being a multiple-time winner of the Microsoft MVP award.

A much acclaimed professional developer and speaker at various Excel forums and summits, he was always on the move to different parts of the country conducting training sessions for various high profile customers like the Department of Treasury, Apple, Ralph Lauren, and Verizon.

Chris Smitty Smith was known for his signature cap, winsome manners, and has contributed many thousands of answers to queries in platforms like Mr. Excel (where he was Developer and Author) which has benefitted the entire Excel community.

He had many years of experience in the industry in senior roles prior to becoming a full-time Excel professional. He is also a content developer for Excel with Microsoft. He has authored the famous book “Excel 2010 Business Basics & Beyond”. More than anything he was known for his work about Excel Help (F1).

He was known for utilizing Excel and Access to streamline sales processes and procedures and relied on native solutions and VBA equally.

Chris Smitty Smith lived in the Rocky Mountains in Crested Butte, Colorado with his wife, Cyndi, and daughter, Campbell.  He enjoyed motorcycle riding, lacrosse, shooting, golfing, climbing, and camping with his family.

Please join us to acknowledge the loss and celebrate his life, which was filled with service to millions like us who use and love Excel.


You can buy Smitty’s e-book this week (from June 23 through June 28, 2020) for $10 and 100% of the proceeds will go to a scholarship fund for Smitty’s daughter.

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