Microsoft Excel Essentials 15 hours

Wish to create highly visual and easy-to-use spreadsheets that can analyze your large amount of data, manage human resources or performance reporting and many more.

This course includes
✅ Learn New, Hidden, Unexplored Features
✅ 15 hours of course content
✅ LIVE session with an experienced instructor
✅ No Pre-recorded videos
✅ Real work examples
✅ Access to the entire session recording
✅ Hands-on experience
✅ Limited Batch Size
✅ Digital certificate

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Duration: 15 Hours
Live on Zoom (NO PRE-RECORDED)
Date: 22nd Feb onwards (Monday to Friday)
Time: 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Early Bird : ₹ 3,499 + GST
MRP : ₹ 4,999 + GST


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Who Should Join

Who can take this course:
Anyone with any background.
Anyone who little experience or no experience with excel

Proficiency Level:
Beginner & Intermediate

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Benefits from the workshops

Participants will learn Time-saving techniques that’ll allow them to get their work done faster with MS Excel.

  1. How should you construct your formulas. What is the risk of providing manual inputs inside the formula (e.g Cell J5 = (E5+F5+(G5*12%)+1200+40) – i.e., what is the risk of manual typing 12% or 1200 or 40 etc.. 
  2. How long can I write an EXCEL formula? Should I break the formula or do multiple nesting of formulas in a cell.
  3. When to do Nesting of formulas or when to do Linking?
  4. When do you do Data Validations (esp Custom Data Validations)?
  5. So you write multiple IF formula or choose an alternative formula?
  6. How to perform Multiple conditions lookup?
  7. Usage of Power to Automate the Data Preparation Process.
  8. Usage and benefits of Array formula!
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  • For any questions, please feel free to email us at excel@excelinexcel.in or call us at +91 90801-11711.
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