#EiEFreshTalk – Data Visualisation in MS Excel – Tips & Tricks by Jordan Goldmeier

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Data Visualisation in MS Excel - Tips & Tricks By Jordan Goldmeier

Microsoft Excel MVP & Founder & COO at Excel.tv

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Jordan Goldmeier is an internationally recognized data scientist and visualization expert, author, and keynote speaker. He is an Excel MVP and specializes in VBA, Dashboards and Data Visualization.

He believes that there are three pillars to high-quality Excel development:

a) Good developing practices like using proper variable names, minimizing expensive Excel operations, minimizing volatile functions.

b) Good data visualization. This means avoiding extravagant that might impress management but are ultimately meaningless. Focus on letting the data speak for itself.

c) Thinking outside the cell – this is like thinking outside the box for better solutions.

Jordan is the “Chief Data Therapist” at Excel.tv, where he empowers individuals, teams, and executives to be smart data thinkers without investing in expensive new technologies. His website Excel.tv has many blogs on a variety of topics about Excel, VBA, and data analysis besides details about his training and videos. He has provided consultancy services and training and his clients include the NATO, the Pentagon, and Financial Times, among others. He owns Cambia Factor, a data consulting agency. He is the author of two books, Advanced Excel Essentials, and Dashboards for Excel. Among Us Download PC

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