#EiEFreshTalk – Data Visualisation and Insights from Power BI by CA. Dipak Singh

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Watch Data Visualisation and Insights from Power BI by CA. Dipak Singh

Data Scientist


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Key Takeaways:

  • Finding hidden insights and patterns.
  • Understanding of how power BI works 
  • AI in Power BI

About Speaker:

Joseph Rivera is a data scientist and an analytics expert. He is into Marketing Analytics, Deep Learning, Machine Learning. He is also an acclaimed author and speaker.

He understands the importance of data for a business to remain strong in the midst of heavy competition. He is passionate about data and helps business professionals, aspiring data analytics experts, business owners and executives get insights from their data

His Technical skills include: Advanced Data Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning,

His is well versed with software / tools like Microsoft Excel, Tableau, Excel, R, PowerBI, Python

He helps enterprises achieve better business outcomes from data. His applied analytics solutions enable companies to make decisions from their data without unnecessary complexity.

His other skills  include Technical Writing, Creative writing, Legal writing, Copywriting and Researching.      

For the past 4 year he is employed as the CEO of Digilitiks Solutions, at Cebu, Philippines.

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