#EiEFreshTalk – Building Interactive Dashboards by Dr. Karpagam T

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Building Interactive Dashboards by Dr. Karpagam T

Founder of Excel Prime, Professor, Trainer in Supply chain and Data Analytics

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Key Takeaways:

1. You will learn Why, when, and how to use a pivot table.

2. This session will provide useful tips and tricks to allow you to work efficiently with Pivot tables.

3. You will analyze how pivot tables help in data slicing and data dicing for better decision making.

4. Build effective Dashboards for great visualization using pivot tables.

5. Use slicers and timeline in Dashboards for more specific data crunching


About Speaker:

 Dr. karpagam is a Microsoft Excel, Power BI Professor, Corporate Trainer,
Speaker, vlogger, and consultant. Karpagam is the founder of Excel Prime, a
leading analyst located in Bengaluru, India. Karpagam has a Ph.D. in Supply
chain management and offers to consult manufacturing industries.
She is passionate about teaching, training, and consulting. Her core expertise
lies in Data Visualization and her experience spans across from the training
students, working professionals, and corporates.
Karpagam’s s research interest spans from operations, logistics to supply chain.
Her course on Business Forecasting and Supply chain Analytics is the most
sought-after course by the students and working professionals.

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