#EiEFreshTalk – Automate Sending Emails from MS Excel – Using VBA Scripts (Macros) by Patryk Samborski

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Watch How To Automate Sending Emails from MS Excel - Using VBA Scripts (Macros)
By Patryk Samborski

VBA Developer & Certified Excel Expert, Poland

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Key Takeaways:

  • How to send multiple e-mails from Excel
  • How to copy cells to the e-mail body
  • How to add attachments
  • How to insert an image to the e-mail body
  • How to customize e-mail body


About Speaker:

Patryk Sambroski is a VBA Developer and Certified Excel Expert from Poland. He has a degree in Accounting and Finance from the Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny, Krakow. He holds many certifications including Microsoft Office Specialist Excel 2016 Expert (from Microsoft), VBA for Experts – manipulating Windows and MS Office (from LabMasters), VBA WEB – Connect Excel to the WEB with VBA (from Udemy), and AgilePM® Foundation (from APMG International). He is working as a VBA developer with Elekta Business Services Sp. His responsibilities include training, business analysis, track and publish KPIs, maintain tools and creating VBA solutions, and Excel macros which are widely used by the staff and have resulted in huge time saves and cost benefits. He has worked earlier with the UBS and State Street. He has completed many cost-saving projects in his roles. He is proficient in English, French, and Polish.

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