#EiEFreshTalk – 7 Excel Features Pros Use to be More Efficient By Sumit Bansal

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Watch to know 7 Excel Features Pros Use to be More Efficient By Sumit Bansal

Microsoft Excel MVP & Founder, @TrumpExcel.com


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Key Takeaways:

  • Conditional Formatting
  • Number formatting
  • Find and Replace
  • Excel Tables
  • Paste Special
  • Flash Fill
  • Pivot Table


About Speaker:

Sumit Bansal is a 6-time MVP from India who runs a popular Excel website (TrumpExcel.com). He also shares weekly Excel tips videos on his YouTube channel. Sumit is a teacher at heart who spends most of his time trying to break-down complex Excel concepts into simple to understand examples. In this free time, you’ll find him wasting time on Netflix or reading a book.

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