#EiEFreshTalk – 10 Common DAX Problems & Solutions in Power BI by Chandeep Chhabra

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Watch 10 Common DAX Problems & Solutions in Power BI by Chandeep Chhabra

Founder at Goodly.co.in

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Key Takeaways:

  • Create simple DAX formulas to solve 10 practical business calculations in DAX.
  • Learn and avoid the pitfalls and gotchas while writing DAX formulas.

About Speaker:

Chandeep Chhabra is an Excel and Power BI expert and has been training, consulting & blogging to help people become quicker and smarter with these useful tools since 2013

For about four years he worked for an investment bank, helping startups raise capital. This is where he came to use Excel extensively for his tasks. He then decided to move to self-employment and that is how Goodly was born at the end of 2013 when he left his full-time job and started training people in Excel Modeling and creating PowerPoint Presentations.

He conducts training programs for many top companies on Excel and Power BI. As a consultant he helps companies automate their most complex business reports. He is an avid blogger and uses the time available after his training and consulting work to blog about the learnings he had from his key activities.

Chandeep Chhabra’s website is goodly.co.in.

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