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Our trainers provide consultation to all businesses ranging from SMEs to MNC corporates in MIS Dashboard automation, design and implementation. Our niche is big data which comprises Tax Analytics, Market behavior analysis, big data analysis, and Budget forecasting. 

We organize customized Training to help you use MS Excel better, faster and more efficiently. This training provides insight as to what MS Excel is truly capable of and how it can be used to increase productivity. 

From the fundamentals of Excel to the more advanced features, our Training Workshop will enable you to tap into the true capabilities of MS Excel. You will learn how to save time, access new/more features and work with confidence. We expose you only to those concepts and functions that you would normally use in a business environment. Course Contents can be customized and tailored to your needs, so you don’t waste time learning features you’ll never use. 

We also provide training on Business Intelligence and Analytics Software like Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.

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